Interview with Taylor King

In March 2020, we interviewed Taylor King - a New York City-based creative director with crazy skills behind a camera!

Who is TKTHREE? How did that persona come to be?

It started after I got into working in the music industry, the first label I worked for only saw my instagram handle, "TKTHREE", and so he started calling me TK from then on. I had to then change my email signature so people weren't confused, and now we are here. More honestly though, I changed my handle to that around the time I moved to NYC, and for me it was just a way to rebrand myself as an individual to who I really wanted to be. I think this city gives you the space to do that. 

I truly believe that if you're hesitating on a risk or business action, it's the universe testing those who will push the boundaries or just give up.

When did you realize you loved the creative arts and that you needed to pursue this full-time?

Young man, all credit to my mentors and people who were around me. My photography teacher would take time after school to review my photos on the smartboard, and essentially tear them apart so I could get better haha. I thought the jump was to start film school, which it wasn't, but I was in pursuit at that point. The chase was on. 

Were you always walking around with a camera?

It feels like it man, I recently came up upon some "vlog" style videos i shot of myself at 6 years old. I made an Instagram post about the, the one with the old looking TVs. I didn't see that footage until recently but it's always felt like a part of me. 

What did it feel like when you first started selling photo and video services?

So, unofficially the answer is high school, but it was just here and there. $60 for this. $80 for this. Free for this and that, ha. I was learning, but it was all necessary. 

Officially, I started my business in February of 2018, and that's when I really made the jump to freelance in my adult life. 

How did you build up your brand?

People. People. People. When I first moved to the city I got a placeholder job and my only goal was to use that time to meet as many people as possible. In NYC especially, your network is your end-all-be-all. Those are going to be the people that recommend you, vouch for you, and give you advice. 

How did you find your creative style? How many times has it evolved?

So many man, it feels like every 6 months. The problem is I keep getting bored or distracted from a specific art type, and just move on to what I want to learn next. I think it's good though, it promotes diversity in my style and keeps me on my toes. 

Who inspired you growing up and who inspires you now?

First and foremost, my dad always. To this day, in the creative field though, it has to be people like the Dave Krugman's and Mike Szpot's of the world. People who turn themselves into a zeitgeist of creativity. Honored to call these dudes friends. 

What's a piece of advice you wish you had when you first started building your brand?

Just do something. It's astounding to me how many people have great ideas but never try anything because of this and that. I truly believe that if you're hesitating on a risk or business action, it's the universe testing those who will push the boundaries or just give up. I try to always keep pushing. 

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