Interview with HighKeyRandom

In early August we interviewed HighKeyRandom, a 21-year-old rapper from Boston, MA, who recently released two mixtapes ahead of his debut album, The Gentle Savage.

How did you get started making music, and when did you start?

I started because I wanted to make music that I like. I started when I was 2 years old in the womb. (laughs) That didn’t make any sense.

What were things like when you were growing up? 

Mayo sandwiches. Fried onions. Cereal with water, no milk. Same clothes 5 days no shower. Holes in my shoes. That wasn’t because mummy didn’t care for me though… I was just ghetto as f---.  (laughs)

What kind of stuff did you do as a kid?

I was dancing and doing ratchet s--- with my friends, jerking and crumping. I tried to b-boy but the Asians were too nice so I gave that up.

I’ve really been out here chasing it. They thought I was the best drawer in school but I was just tracing. I’d go home, print out the Dragon Ball Z character, and trace it. I’ve been finessing bro.

I was 7 years old going door-to-door selling candy for a fundraiser to support my family. I would say, “I need a dollar no change.” Then bring it back home like, “Here you go mummy.” Stealing from corner stores and reselling it. They didn’t know nothing about that in elementary school. 

Who do you view as your biggest competition?

Me. I am my biggest critic, my biggest fan, and my biggest competition.

What do you think is holding you back right now?

Being on house arrest. I feel like everyone wants to leave me. I’m mad depressed and anxious all the time. *UGHHHHH*

What’s your next goal, and how are you going to accomplish it?

To get rich or die tryin’ – no 50 Cent though. I’m gonna make the next big hit. 

I might need a distribution company for HKOD the label – but I’ll do it myself if I have to.

I just gotta stay true to myself, my team, and my fans. I need keep pushing and keep faith – and it’s gonna happen. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Myself, my kids, and my wife. 

I say that because if you find inspiration in anyone else, and that person loses inspiration, then you’re out of inspiration.

If it were 5 years ago and you saw yourself now, what would you think?

I’d be proud. I’d say, “You didn’t give up. You’re strong. You’re still here, still going. You’re still out here in the trenches of the trenches.” I’m still alive bro – I made it to 21. 

Last question: who do you think is the most successful person right now in 2019?


Image result for oprah success powerful


Because she’s still doin’ it. She’s doing whatever she wants. She doesn’t have to be doing it, but she does it. She’s rich, no kids, new sheets every day. Oprah’s lit bro.


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